Fiesta Baratos Cortos Espana De Elegantes Vestidos Online – NwPkXn8O0 adjective
uk /ˈrek.ləs/ us /ˈrek.ləs/

C2Fiesta Baratos Cortos Espana De Elegantes Vestidos Online – NwPkXn8O0 doing something dangerous and not worrying about the risks and the possible results:

He was found guilty of reckless driving.

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Doing things without fear or proper thought Fiesta Baratos Cortos Espana De Elegantes Vestidos Online – NwPkXn8O0

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(Definición de "reckless" del Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

"reckless" en inglés americano

reckless adjective
Fiesta Baratos Cortos Espana De Elegantes Vestidos Online – NwPkXn8O0 us /ˈrek·ləs/

showing a lack of careFiesta Baratos Cortos Espana De Elegantes Vestidos Online – NwPkXn8O0 about risks or danger, and acting without thinking about the results of your actions:

These punks have a reckless disregard for the law.
He pleaded innocent to reckless driving charges.


She spends her money recklessly.


noun [ U ] us /ˈrek·ləs·nəs/

The accident was a result of recklessness.

(Definición de "reckless" del Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

"reckless" en inglés de negocios

reckless adjectiveFiesta Baratos Cortos Espana De Elegantes Vestidos Online – NwPkXn8O0

taking risks and not caring about the possible dangers:

They made increasingly reckless investments.
reckless borrowing/lending/spending The Fiesta Baratos Cortos Espana De Elegantes Vestidos Online – NwPkXn8O0government wants to crack down on decades of reckless lending by banks to unprofitable companies.

(Definición de "reckless" del Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

Ejemplos de “reckless”

Las opiniones mostradas en los ejemplos no representan las opiniones de los editores de Cambridge University Press or de sus licenciantes.

Is punishment for attempts at crime or for reckless behavior illegitimate?
De Cambridge English Corpus
It was entirely in keeping with his outlook that he should have approached overseas enterprise in an almost reckless frame of mind.
Unfortunately, some of the functions seem to be written with a fairly reckless disregard for efficiency.
De Cambridge English Corpus
Reckless self-expression is here coterminous not just with the surrender of the throne, but with spiritual death.
De Cambridge English Corpus
They are full of factual errors, gross generalisations and reckless assumptions.
De Cambridge English Corpus
Any of these individual violations may be deemed routine, reasoned, reckless or malicious.
De Cambridge English Corpus
Reckless inclusion of ontology elements from the source ontologies (even when homogeneous) is likely to lead to a problematic, invalid, contradictory, incoherent or inconsistent ontology.
De Cambridge English Corpus
Zara Efecto Rebajas Vestido Mujer Botones Piel VestidosMonos EDI2WH9
However, this principle required more flexibility in the post-cold war era when many reckless and even brutal belligerent factions fought each other in anarchy.
De Cambridge English Corpus
2019 Nuevos En Sexis Primavera V De Verano Y Vestidos Cuello Con nkNwPZ80OX
For any cautious scholar, this kind of speculating appears reckless.
De Cambridge English Corpus
It would have been politically reckless simply to end the state programme without honouring claims already earned.
De Cambridge English Corpus
But we would be reckless to assume that even so royalist a form as the masque contains nothing but pure sycophancy.
The combination of reckless lending, deteriorating business conditions, and ballooning foreign debt obligations was devastating.
De Cambridge English Corpus
She squandered her earnings with the most reckless profusion, and quarrelled with her best friends from the ungovernable petulance of her temper.
De Cambridge English Corpus
There's no reason to tolerate wreckless driving in place of reckless driving.
De Cambridge English Corpus
First, people are prone to assent to reckless and dangerous undertakings.
De Cambridge English Corpus
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  • reckless
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